Why Buy From Vista Subaru?

We believe in saying Yes.

Because it makes things Easy.

At Vista, our philosophy of doing business is finding a way to satisfy each and every customer. If it means pricing our vehicles based on market analysis and third party tools…done. Even if it means bringing back a car you don't absolutely love… we'll take it, no questions asked. We believe the whole experience should be completely transparent, positive and yes, even fun. 

        Yes. Pre-Discounted Pricing.
      We provide everything you need to know upfront: monthly payments, taxes, interest rates, even your trade-in value. And, you should find that our price matches what you found in your research. 

Yes. Financing at Competitive Rates.
     Our established banking relationships enable us to get you financed in a straight-forward and transparent way.

  Yes. No Questions Return.
     If you're not satisfied at any point within 4 days or 200 miles, you can bring your vehicle back - no questions asked. 

Yes. Pre-Owned Protection.
      If your pre-owned vehicle needs a repair within the first 2 months or 2,000 miles, bring it in. We'll fix it

  Yes. Timely Transactions.
     Our goal is to complete your purchase process within an hour or less. You can even arrange to purchase your vehicle
online - we'll deliver it and the paperwork to your doorstep within 48-hours

Yes. We'll Buy.
     We'll give you a quick and up-front appraisal of your current vehicle to give you the highest value. And we'll
buy it, whether you buy from us or not.